Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Best Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts in the World.

In this modern era, social media platforms are establishing their roots intensely. Instagram is the most trending platform, with millions of followers. There are many most followed Instagram accounts of big brands and famous celebrities who like to share their life moments with the world. 

Many people become influencers to promote other brands and to get fame. Instagram has become a large online market where people do online business and make a lot of money by promoting others or their brands. 

You will find all your favorite entertainment in one place. You will find everything if your interest is in music, arts, travel, food, clothes, and many more. Instagram is a large industry with millions of skilled people, and it helps you to learn new things and promote yourself.

Today, I will tell you about the top 20 most followed Instagram accounts worldwide. You will learn how they get so much popularity and what they post on their accounts to engage with their fans.

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Instagram itself comes #1 in top most Followed Instagram Accounts in the World. Its official team researches and uses strategies to keep its platform safe and secure. 

It guides its users on everything, like promoting brand names, increasing sales, and how to do advertisements. You will get to know about trending stories and hashtags. If you don’t follow it till now, you should do it now. It’s a good source of learning new things and making yourself a brand.

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Cristiano is a famous footballer among most Followed Instagram Accounts. He is the first sportsman who crossed more than 600 million followers. Many people love Ronaldo and want to know about his daily routine and lifestyle. 

He also keeps himself engaged with his followers by posting his practice videos and how he spends his free time. He has fantastic records in football and so many matches. People like to follow his style and learn a lot about football.

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Messi is an Argentine football player and a big competitor of Ronaldo. He holds the #2 position among most Followed Instagram Accounts in the World on social media due to his extraordinary skills. People love Messi and want to know what he does in his free time. He is also working with different brands and promoting them in his profile. He is a great player and made outstanding records in football history.

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Selena is a famous singer with a heart-melting voice. She posts many knowledgeable posts and talks a lot about mental fitness. She shares her stories of how she helped herself when she was in an anxiety and depression phase. 

It makes people love her so much and want to know what’s happening in her life. She has many hit albums with viral and trending songs. Her unique photographs and vacation pictures also impact her followers intensely.

Kylie is a social media spotlight who is a model and businesswoman. She is popular due to her beauty and luxurious lifestyle. She posts impressive photographs and short videos of how she spends her free time with her daughter. 

She has her own cosmetics brand that is liked all over the world. She shares her photoshoots and interview videos. Her followers learn so much about fashion, brands, and the latest trends through her posts.

The Rock is a WWE champion and an actor among Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts. He has a strong iron body that helps him to win in the ring. His fantastic acting made millions of hearts. 

He also promotes tequila shots in his videos. He mostly talks about body exercises and the food we should eat to remain healthy. He shares gym videos and also the time he spends with his daughter.

Ariana Grande is an American singer, actress, and influential figure. She posts her amazing photos, videos, and songs. She also remains engaged with her followers by making interesting announcements and sharing her lifestyle.

Everyone knows about the Kardashian family. Kim is also one of them, with a substantial following and love by the people. She is also a model and a Businesswoman. The Kardashian family gives us a lot of reasons to remain attached to them. 

Luxury lifestyles, social media spotlights, and trending stories keep all the followers engaged.

Beyonce is an excellent and famous singer who revolutionized the music industry’s hype. Her back-to-back hit songs have made a special place in the media. She shares her life events and sometimes her routine to entertain her fans.

Khole, another star from the Kardashian family, is a media personality, socialite, and model. She is also a celebrity that counts in the top ten. People love her and like to connect with her through Instagram.

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Nike is a famous brand with worldwide customers among Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts in the World.. They maintained their brand identity with quality content and people’s trust. They know precisely how to run a business and to become number one. 

Nike is the best choice for every item, from footwear to body wear. Follow them on Instagram to learn about their popular products that add value to your personality.

Justin Bieber gets lots of love from a young age. He made so many fans through his music and became a worldwide renowned figure after producing his music albums. He has a large fan base not only on Instagram but also everywhere.

Kendall is a famous model and social media figure. She got fame after appearing as a member of the Kardashian family. She is a wealthy businesswoman who is gathering lots of love from people. Her followers are eager to see her lifestyle, pictures, and videos. She also remains engaged with her fans through her account and posts entertaining content.

National Geography is the most significant and oldest channel on television. They broadcast all the geography of animals, birds, and many more. If you like to watch wildlife, you can follow them on Instagram. They have a vast following and post quality images and videos of wildlife.

Taylor is a music sensation with millions of followers. She gave people many reasons to love her by making many hit albums. She keeps posting her admiring pictures with her celebrity family.

She also keeps updated her followers with her music videos and life events. She has fantastic pictures with her pet cats and astonishing sweaters.

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Virat Kohli is an Indian cricketer and the first person to have a large following on Instagram worldwide. People love him and give him full support. He posts his practice routine and fun with this team. He also promotes several brands with his fans. 

He made so many records in cricket and made his country proud. He also keeps his supporters updated on his training schedules.

Jlo is another queen with a successful career. Number of followers is proof of how much people love her. She updates her vacation pictures and talks about perfect health and fitness. 

Kourtney is another social media figure with most Followed Instagram Accounts from the Kardashian family. All of them are great models, public figures, and successful business people. The whole family has billions of followers, which is a significant number. Kourtney posts about her luxury lifestyle and shows what the life of a billionaire looks like.

Nicki is a rapper and hip-hop superstar with a large following. She is so impressive and amuses her fans with fun talks. She became famous on Instagram when her song Anaconda became a global meme.

Miley is a famous artist from Disney stars. She did a fantastic job in many movies and earned her name. She is also an excellent music artist who gathers love from millions of followers. She keeps posting her life events and time with other celebrities.


I hope you enjoy knowing about the top 20 most followed Instagram accounts worldwide. You can comment below if you want to know about other celebrities. Also, write down your personal IG account so people can go and visit you, which will also help you grow your account.

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