Top Follow vs Follower Plus

Top Follow vs Follower Plus

There are many apps on the internet that help influencers grow their Instagram accounts with free followers. All those third-party apps give bots or fake followers that may increase the numbers but are not suitable for account health as they don’t help increase user engagement. Today I am going to compare Top Follow vs Follower Plus.

Top Follow apk and Follower Plus are two popular apps that help you get free and unlimited Instagram followers. In this post, I am going to compare both apps, which will help you choose which app to download and which one will facilitate your Instagram account in the long run.

Overview of Top Follow

In Top Follow vs Follower Plus, Top Follow app is the most well-known app with 92 million downloads that provides genuine and authentic free followers to grow your social media accounts. It’s a very simple and straightforward app with coin-based features. You have to earn coins and get free followers in just one tap.

You can also get post likes, story views and comments free of cost. Top Follow has a user-friendly interface that gives faster services than the Follower Plus app. It is such a flexible app that you can send followers to multiple Instagram accounts and your friend’s profiles. These unique features make it stand out among other apps, with 41000 satisfied users.

Overview of Follower Plus

Followers Plus is another fantastic app many people use to increase Instagram followers. It is less popular than the top follow app as it has just over 5 million downloads globally, but people like it, and its result is that it has 4.8 ratings worldwide.

In Top Follow vs Follower Plus, Follower plus followers and likes that are fake and bots that drop down over time. Services are slower than top follow apk. Ads are not skippable; you must wait a few seconds until it completes.

Comparing Features Top Follow vs Follower Plus

You will get unlimited free followers without any investment
To get unlimited followers, you have to make a little investment.
It provides you unlimited likes on each of your posts
You have to pay some money to get unlimited likes
Multiple accounts can be used in one top-follow accountOnly one account can be used at a time in Follower plus
Service is speedy as you don’t have to wait much for the followers
The service is not as fast as the top follow, as giving you bots or fake followers takes time.
The interface is simple and straightforward, with vibrant colors.Interface distracts the users.
Top follow apk is a coin-based application that starts automatically in the background without lengthy processes.
Follower Plus needs to complete small tasks and collect coins manually.
It doesn’t need ample space to installYour Android needs a large storage space.
If you face any problem, 24/7 customer support is available.No support option is there in the Follower Plus app.
It supports a multilingual option, so it has users from all regions
It supports a few languages for the users.
You are rewarded with free coins, daily bonuses.
The reward is only possible with a free spin.

Which One is Better?

After comparing Top Follow vs Follower Plus and reading the users’ reviews, I found that the Top Follow app is the number one app for increasing Instagram followers and growing your audience free of cost. Meanwhile, Follower Plus is less preferred by people and has fewer downloads. Its features and provided followers are not real and start decreasing after some time.

How Top Follow App Works?

Top Follow apk is the most famous app for growing Instagram followers if we compare Top Follow vs Follower Plus. It’s a coin-based app that requires you to sign in with your Instagram account. Then, the start button appears on the home screen that will start collecting coins when you tap it.

After collecting enough coins, you must buy followers, likes, comments and views for your Instagram account. With just one tap, you will start receiving followers that will be real, authentic and free of cost.

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Pros & Cons

Pros & ConsTop FollowFollower Plus
Fast services
Unlimited free coins
Unlimited free likes
24/7 customer support
Ad free app
Automatic coins collection
Daily bonus
Anti Ban
Lightweight app
Trending hashtags provider
Easy to use
100% Secure app

Frequently Asked Questions

The standout feature is its automation; you can start the app, select a task, and it will perform the task automatically without any manual effort.

It offers a user-friendly interface and efficient task completion, allowing you to earn coins and gain followers quickly.

Yes, both supports complete task automation.

There’s a risk if you don’t switch tasks regularly. It’s recommended to change your task every 3 to 4 times to avoid detection.

Earn coins by completing tasks like following, liking, commenting, or viewing stories.

Redeem coins for followers, likes, comments, and story views on your Instagram account.


To conclude, the comparison between Top Follow vs Follower Plus is that both are good apps for increasing social media followers free of cost. Top follow apk stands out among many other apps for its fast services and authentic and permanent followers. Its large number of users is proof of its high-quality services. 

The Follower Plus app must improve some of its features and remove bugs, as it keeps crashing and causing login problems. After a detailed overview, I suggest you choose the top follow apk as it has more advanced features and secure service according to Instagram privacy policies.

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