What does the green following mean on Instagram?

What does the green following mean on Instagram?

If you are an Instagram user, then you might see a green button on your friend’s profile page. Have you wondered what does the green following mean on Instagram? Let me tell you the answer of your question. It means that you have added your specific friend to your “Close Friend List”

A close friend list on Instagram means that you have created a separate list from your followers to show stories only to the chosen friend. It’s a fantastic update on Instagram. It’s like a privacy club where you exclude others and share stories with your close ones.

I have created this guide to make it easy to understand if you need clarification about what does the green following mean on Instagram? Let’s dive into this helpful information.

What does the green following mean on Instagram?

“What does the green following mean on Instagram?” confused many Instagram users, which is why it is green in colour. Instagram makes many daily updates to make networking wide, private, and secure. It’s a fantastic update that helps to create a special connection with your loved ones.

The following button becomes green whenever you add your friend to your close friend list. You enjoy a personalized experience with your close friends. Share your daily stories with the selected people, excluding others from your followers. It shows a specific level of trust in a person and that you added them to your close friends.

What does the green following mean on Instagram?

There are many valuable features of creating your close friend list. You will experience a more private connection with your friends. Everyone on Instagram has a vast following, and sometimes you want to share stories, thoughts or photos with just specific people. Instagram allows you to make a separate list of your close friends.

Whenever you are going to share something on Instagram, two options appear: “your story” and “close friends list”. So, it’s the next level of privacy bond you can create with your friend.

Usually, the following button is not green, but when you add a specific profile to your close list, the following button becomes green in colour. It helps to separate your business and private life.

Share anything with your friends on your stories and enjoy your precious moments and memories. So, enhance your user experience by creating exclusive friend groups and making strong bonds with your close friends.

What does the green following mean on Instagram?

If you need to learn how to add your friends to your Instagram close friend list, read this step-by-step guide. I will make it easy for you as you have to follow a few simple steps.

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner
  • It will open the menu. Now, choose a close friends list
  • Add the account that you want to add and close
  • All done. I have just created your close friend list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following on Instagram means that the respective person has followed you, and now they can view everything that you share on social media.

Whenever someone adds you to his close list and shares a story, it will appear as a green circle. So, that means it’s specific to the few close followers.

When you don’t follow someone on Instagram, the button will show FOLLOW. When you follow that specific person, the button becomes following, and you can see all the stuff that they share on his account.

It means a specific person is on your close list, and you can share your stories privately.


What does the green following mean on Instagram? It is just an identification that the respective account is related to your close friend, and you want to share your private life with them exclusively, as opposed to the other followers. If you want to increase your Instagram followers free of then top follow apk is the best option for you.

You can personalize your experience and share your life events with your close circle. Green following and circles are essential and help a lot when you share something on social media.

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